DORODESIGN® in pills

DORODESIGN studio was born on a special occasion, on the 10th of August 2009 – the day of Saint Lorenzo – when in Italy the shooting stars are easily visible, that’s magic.

The studio has been established in Torino, to cater to various design disciplines and since 2010 develops projects for European and Chinese customers. In particular, from 2010 till 2019, has been involved in the creation and creative direction of SOLUX 松霖家 home lifestyle brand in Xiamen, covering from the products design development, conceptualization and ideation, strategy to support the communication.

The studio since 2011 starts to serve with communication services with Digital Design, Branding, Web Design and App, Graphic and Packaging solutions to create a complete service from physical to digital. Due to the high demand of digital products and communication consultancy DORODESIGN creates a team of experts in communication, branding and experience design that can satisfy any demand in the field of communication both online and offline creating DORODIGITAL.

Durig 2013 DORODESIGN became international thanks to the opening of its Chinese branch in the city of Xiamen thanks a new partnership.

The international growth continues with the opening of the North European branch in the city of Luxembourg in 2020.

Today, DORODESIGN thanks to his worldwide network and partners can cover all the design phases from design to prototyping and production. DORODESIGN with its team involves 6 cultures and 7 languages for more than 6 design disciplines.

DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director