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Crafting Dreams: DORODESIGN’s Evolution in Design Excellence

Evolved Beginnings

DORODESIGN® studio’s inception holds a touch of celestial magic, born on the auspicious 10th of August 2009, coinciding with the feast day of Saint Lorenzo, when Italy’s night sky shimmers with shooting stars. Led by Dario Olivero, the studio emerged as a beacon of creativity in Torino, offering a diverse array of design services. Since 2010, it has embarked on a journey of innovation, shaping projects for discerning European and Chinese clientele.

Pioneering Lifestyle Branding

From 2010 to 2019, DORODESIGN played a pivotal role in the inception and creative direction of SOLUX 松霖家, a renowned home lifestyle brand in Xiamen. Engaged in product design, conceptualization, and communication strategy, the studio forged a path of excellence, blending cultural nuances with visionary design.

Embracing the Digital Realm

In 2011, DORODESIGN expanded its repertoire to encompass digital design, branding, web development, and graphic solutions. Evolving to meet the demands of a digital era, the establishment of DORODIGITAL in response to the burgeoning need for comprehensive communication solutions marked a significant milestone.

Global Expansion and Automotive Innovation

DORODESIGN’s global footprint expanded in 2013 with the establishment of its Chinese branch in Xiamen, heralding a new era of international collaboration. Transitioning seamlessly into automotive design, Dario’s vision culminated in the creation of DOROGARAGE in 2022. Dedicated to transportation and mobility design services and redefining automotive excellence, DOROGARAGE specializes in crafting exclusive, limited-production vehicles that seamlessly blend artistry with cutting-edge technology. At DOROGARAGE, our mission transcends conventional automotive paradigms. We unite the expertise of car designers, mobility specialists, and engineers, leveraging disruptive technologies to create bespoke vehicles that inspire awe.

Global Reach, Cultural Fusion, Holistic Design Studio

Today, DORODESIGN® stands as a testament to global collaboration, boasting a network of partners spanning continents and cultures. With a team representing six cultures and fluent in six languages across six design disciplines, we are poised to navigate the complexities of modern design with finesse and creativity.

Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director