Dario Olivero Design Director

Dario Olivero is a distinguished Italian design entrepreneur, renowned as the Founder and Design Director of DORODESIGN®.

Elevating Torino’s Influence in International Design

Torino holds a special place in Dario’s journey, being the city where his remarkable career was nurtured. He pursued his studies at IED Torino and later delved into the intricate world of Transportation and Car design at I.De.A Institute working for several prestigious automotive brands. Since 2007, he has also been shaping young minds as a dedicated Design professor, initially at IED Torino for 7 impactful years, and subsequently at IAAD, Torino.

In 2009, he co-founded the esteemed DORODESIGN Studio in the heart of Torino. In 2021, he ascended to the position of Coordinator of the Transportation Design Department at IAAD, overseeing various programs such as the Bachelor in Transportation Design, the Master in Transportation and Interaction Design, and the Master in Mobility Solutions.

“Live the dream follow my passion”

His mantra encapsulates the ethos driving his career.

The Journey from Dream to Reality

For Dario, passion fuels his journey in design, turning dreams into tangible realities. As the Design Director and CEO of DORODESIGN studio, his expertise spans diverse realms including furniture, product, and car design, extending to branding, digital communication, and web design. With a footprint in Europe and China, he mentors aspiring designers through programs like the European Innovation Academy and Techstars, while also serving as a Jury member for the South Europe Startup Award.

Pioneering Innovation in Design, Strategy and Communication

With over 15 years of rich experience in Design, Strategy and Communication, Dario is at the forefront of innovation. His expertise traverses various sectors, from automotive and consumer electronics to furnishing systems and branding. Through DORODESIGN, he offers strategic counsel to companies, delving deep into understanding human behaviour and their interactions with products, environments, brands, and digital experiences.

Unveiling Vision: Dario Olivero’s Journey into Eyewear Design with DORODESIGN

In September 2024, Dario reached a significant milestone in his career journey as he fulfilled a long-cherished dream: launching DORODESIGN’s inaugural product design. With immense pride and passion, Dario introduced a line of sunglasses under the brand name DORODESIGN Eyewear. This momentous occasion marked the culmination of years of dedication and creative vision, transforming aspirations into tangible, stylish reality. By venturing into the realm of eyewear design, Dario expanded DORODESIGN’s portfolio, blending innovative aesthetics with unparalleled craftsmanship. The launch of DORODESIGN Eyewear symbolized not only a new chapter in Dario’s entrepreneurial endeavours but also a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of his design passions.

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