Dario Olivero Design Director

Dario Olivero is an award-winning Italian design entrepreneur, co-founder and Design Director of DORODESIGN®.

TORINO and the international DESIGN

Torino is the city where everything started for Dario that has studied in Torino at IED Torino – Istituto Europeo di Design and worked as a Transportation and Car designer for various brands in the Italian automotive industry and has been Design teacher for 11 years, 7 at IED Torino and 4 at IAAD Torino. In 2009 co-founded the DORODESIGN Studio in the heart of Torino.

“Live the dream follow my passion” is his personal motto

The passion for Design represents his career, from the dream to reality. As Design Director and CEO of DORODESIGN studio, his experiences ranges from furniture, product and car design to branding, digital communication and web design. Working across Italy,  Luxembourg and China. He is a Design mentor for the European Innovation Academy and Techstars has been part of the Jury member for the South Europe Startup Award.

With almost 15 years of experience in the field of Design and Communication, Dario deals with innovation and design in many fields from automotive, to domestic goods, electronics consumers, to furnishing system to branding and digital communication. With DORODESIGN he provides companies with strategic advice, helping them to investigate and understand the behaviour of people and their interactions with products and environments, with brands and digital experiences.

Holistic Design Studio in Torino