Why do foldable chairs have to be hidden after they've been used? Why don't we design a chair that is comfortable, functional in size but yet pleasing to look at once it is folded?

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Sedia 3: you use it, you fold it, you put it on display.

It is used as a chair and it is exhibited like a work of art. Sedia 3 by DORODESIGN is the foldable chair designed to stay away from closets, storage rooms or under the stairs: when opened it is a comfortable chair, characterized by a clean and functional design, and once it’s folded it can be hung on a wall like a painting, to show off all of its pop styles.


Sedia 3: it's easy!

Sedia3 was conceived as a modern piece of furniture that neatly folds flat. In a few simple movements, this three-legged chair can be transformed from a three-dimensional object to one that is far more two-dimensional. Lifting the seat surface from the rear and pushing it towards the front releases the legs and the central crosspieces. Then, the chair can be folded flat. No tools are required.

It can be hung as a piece of art.

DORODESIGN® X VanOrton Design®

Sedia3 Fable Collection

VanOrton Design has developed the Fable series with 5 characters.


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