Solux松霖家 Flex Kitchen


"A swiss knife Kitchen"

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    Space saving

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    Design, Engineering

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Kitchen Unit Concept Creation

FLEX is the concept of multi-functional kitchen, is the result of clean lines and natural elements.

The result is a white simple shape kitchen with all the accessories such as cutting board, rubbish bin, dishes containers all covered by the main top wood panel that slides and unveil the kitchen top with all its features. The kitchen is divided with a black line-panel that serves to separate it in two parts, above are placed small cookware and cutlery and below the large dishes and pots containers.

The same black line-panel is used for growing the desired plants next to the sink.


Flex Kitchen Unit

FLEX kitchen is the final result of the cooperation between DORODESIGN® and SOLUX R&D Teams that together has developed the final kitchen unit.


The award
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Flex Kitchen.

Red Dot Design Award
Honourable Mnetion

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