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Sedia3 Fable

Sedia 3: you use it, you fold it, you put it on display.

It is used as a chair and it is exhibited like a work of art. Sedia 3  is the foldable chair designed to stay away from closets, storage rooms or under the stairs: when opened it is a comfortable chair, characterized by a clean and functional design, and once it’s folded it can be hung on a wall like a painting, to show off all of its pop styles.

The chair that meets art design.

“We asked ourselves: why do foldable chairs have to be hidden after they’ve been used? Why don’t we design a chair that is comfortable, functional in size but yet pleasing to look at once it is folded?”

“This is how the concept for Sedia 3 came to life: three legs, wooden structure, laminated seat and backrest, and a special folding system that minimizes its size in a heartbeat, turning the chair into a work of art to put on display. The seat and the backrest are two contiguous surfaces, ideal to develop the artistic feature of Sedia 3: two ideal boards to be interpreted by the colourful and iconic artist, Van Orton Design who developed 5 characters for the “Fable” Collection.


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