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Lucciola Natevo by Flou

Lucciola (firefly) is the demonstration of how strong materials such as concrete and metal applied to a furnishing product can give results of great lightness. DORODESIGN has been able to creatively interpret the theme of furniture with integrated light, transforming it into an element that is at the same time a coat hanger, umbrella stand and a luminous container.

Its shape is inspired by nature: a tree from whose trunk there are bright branches that give personality and charm to the environment.

Easily inserted in any context, Lucciola creates a magical atmosphere: the integrated LEDs at the ends of the branches have an aesthetic function but at the same time guarantee perfect lighting. Natevo contributes to the development of a new ecological way of designing and building


Integrate light and furniture for a young customer market.

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    Furniture Design

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    Natevo, Fluo

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