DORODESIGN Likes 500 Marcia Corta


Are you bored of your Fiat 500? Is not enought agressive?
500 Marcia Corta is the answer for you cutie 500.
In the era we live in where the design is a important item on every car, even the smallest, you can ensure that the level of customizing a car is such that you can significantly alter the character and the final appearance of your vehicle.
In a jungle of body kits that range from exhaust to ugly spoilers, check out a kit with a strong and sporty taste, capable of radically transforming the look of the most common of modern cars, Kit “500 Marcia Corta”.
Designed by CAMAL (, design & 3D modelling study in Torino, this work aims to find consent form the enthusiasts and new investors to bring it to the road, the final price at  the  moment is unknown.
Got enought? No!
Let’s follow the link for more tasty shots of the body kit:
Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director