DORODESIGN LIKES: Illustrating the childhood imagination by Jay Fleck

If there is one word to sum up the illustrations of Jay Fleck, it would have to be “FUN”. His colorful works seem to draw from the inspiring world of childhood, creating fantasies filled with octopus, pirates, rocket ships and elephants… all translated into a graphical world even we adults can relate to. It must be his obvious love for his own kids and the inspiration they bring into his life.

Keeping with the fun vibe which permeates all of Fleck’s work, each of his illustrations contains some clever graphical element which keeps you exploring their many details. Sometimes these are as simple as a tasteful use of negative space, other times they are as deep as a playful tribute to the Beatles.

Jay-Fleck-Illustration-1 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-2 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-3 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-4 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-5 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-6 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-7 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-8 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-9 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-10 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-11 Jay-Fleck-Illustration-12

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