DORODESIGN LIKES: The Art of Tidying Up by Ursus Wehrli

Ursus Wehrli is a Swiss artist obsessed with cleaning up and order. After his two best-selling books on Tidying up Art (he deconstructs the works from famous artists) his latest book is called ” The Art of Tidying Up” Mr. Wehrli finally puts the whole world in order. In the book, compulsive artist Wehrli sorts out things we encounter in everyday life, such as a pine branch, alphabet soup, or a parking lot. He organizes everything according to color, size, and shape.

Art-Of-Clean-Up-1 Art-Of-Clean-Up-2 Art-Of-Clean-Up-3 Art-Of-Clean-Up-4 Art-Of-Clean-Up-5 Art-Of-Clean-Up-6 Art-Of-Clean-Up-7 Art-Of-Clean-Up-8 Art-Of-Clean-Up-9 Art-Of-Clean-Up-10 Art-Of-Clean-Up-11 Art-Of-Clean-Up-12 Art-Of-Clean-Up-13 Art-Of-Clean-Up-14 Art-Of-Clean-Up-15 Art-Of-Clean-Up-16 Art-Of-Clean-Up-17 Art-Of-Clean-Up-18

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