DOROLIFESTYLE will be present at Macef International Home Show 2012. It Will be part of the 2nd edition of “Creazioni Giovani” at the stand E05. 

DOROLIFESTYLE will display some pieces of the Zero Collection:

Zero Chair: is the DORODESIGN manifesto, the real essence of our way of thinking. A sheet of aluminum with two internal cuts together with two folds…that create simply a chair. First impression is based on texture and feeling, it seems “cold” and “metallic” but when you sit on it’s totally different. ZERO Chair shakes and rocks, it is alive! ZeroChair it’s been selected for Macef Sustainable Home project “100% Green”.

Zero Poltrona: is the aluminium concept linked to the Zero Chair, the famous cut in the chair is been removed to accentuate a delicate aspect and rounded shapes. Zero Armchair loses the aggressivity to join a warm and cosy feeling.

Zero Chaise Longue: structured as the chair, retains the simplicity of being built in a single cut in the aluminium. The aesthetic impact is shaped around a smooth flowing lines, costumizable with different colors or fabrics.

Zero Coat Hanger: an aluminium tree that perfectly matches with the interior DORODESIGN concept line, shadows and lights on your wall creating a charmed forest in a single piece. The Coat Hanger designed by DORODESIGN despite of the its classical function, creates a dynamic atmosphere, an intense waking dream.

Zero Coffee Table: new shapes for the Coffee Table, the “missing piece” of every brain- teaser in this world, without it the frame is not complete. Discrection and elitist severity of the curves, the clean linearity make the cof- fee table an object expressing strong contrasts.

Zero Desk Light: has an aesthetic impact that enhances the folds of aluminum, the cuts are removed in order to attract the attention on the piece that becomes the owner of the scene. A combination of an industrial approach and oriental style enhanced by the touch of color of the wire.

Holistic Design Studio in Torino