DORODESIGN Likes: I DID IT MY WAY a Solo Show By Matthew White at London West Bank

In this world there are a lot of cities of blinding lights. London has a spirit that no other city has, dealing with renaissance, revolution and freedom.

On October 6th London West Bank Gallery presented the Solo Show of one of the most interesting artist of this era, who totally embodies the city’s spirit Matthew White.

I Did It My Way exhibition is a journey through a daydream. Different wonderlands released on canvas fighting against the walls with kindness and deep inspiration. A moving mixture of metropolitan street soul, victorian poetry (expressed in the choice of images), british history on wallpapers and the mistery of a freak circus, the same as Diane Arbus portrayed in her photography in the 60’s.

Fascination and grace, rock and roll culture and aesthetic rapture.

There’s always a White Rabbit to follow… even through the shadows.

We kindly invite you, to do So.

We are pround of you, amico mio. Ste

Photo Courtesy of Dario Futuro Olivero


Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director