DORODESIGN shows Dw by Kanye West S/S 2012 Runway Show

It’s been a bomb the reaction to the Dw collection presented by Kanye West in Paris. It’s not so strange that a famous rapper launch his own fashion line, the fact is when you do that in Paris during fashion week can be dangerous.  Talking about the looks West, with a little help from Mr. Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, pulled out an ensamble of zippers, fur (so much fur), leather, cuts in the fabric. Fashion media found it a “too much” We found it a mix between a ghetto fabulous “houseofdereonbyBeyonce’smother style” and a rap video. We could call it “couture” but we won’t. It’s not actually, If you thik about it there must be something these people are not able to do…

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DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director