DORODESIGN Likes: Audi Trimaran Concept with Twin Jet Skis

Flexing its engineering prowess, luxury auto maker  took on the concept project by Stefanie Behringer, a student from Germany’s Pforzheim Technical College. The idea was to put Audi‘s extensive technical innovations and know-how onto the water with the Audi Trimaran. Measured at 15-meter long, or approximately 50 feet, the silver arrow would accommodate 2 sleeping quarters and a sizable kitchenette below deck. On deck above, graceful lines enveloped the lounge are,a dominated by 2 facing benches in white that also double as tanning lounge chairs.  Audi’s racing heritage is visible through the 2 control modules at the front for piloting and navigation.  A large glass canopy cantileverd across as both windshield and sun shade. (via Freshnessmag).

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