DORO Likes: Streetview Zombie Apocalypse – Google Street View Zombie Mash-Up Game

As long as there was Google Map and Google Street View, there were mash-ups and hacks to help us navigate through the congested (or not so congested) streets. Now, one of these hacks can save your life. Introducing the Streetview Zombie Apocalypse by Wonder-Tonic, a mash-up game based on Google Street View. The premise is quite straight forward. Input an address, which in our case was the quint Mercer Street of SoHo. Then, you have to navigate yourself away from the “moving pins” or the ravenous hordes of zombies. All the while, a clock ticked away on the length of time you survive this ordeal. The game is still in its beta testing phrase and only available through Google Chrome browser. You will never look at your friendly old neighbor the same after this game. via: Gizmodo

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