DORODESIGN likes: Ron Arad transforms real FIAT 500s into compressed works of art


Israeli artist and designer Ron Arad returns to the Holon Design Museum in Tel Aviv with “In Reverse”, an exhibition that celebrates three decades of his work in metal. A major highlight of the exhibition is a new project which explores the way in which automobile bodies behave under compression. On the walls of the upper gallery, Arad has installed six crushed Fiat 500s, each flattened into a two dimensional work of art. Speaking about the project Arad said,  “‘The Fiat 500 is a national symbol for Italy and our generation, and it’s a very endearing vehicle. We’re not destroying the cars, we’re immortalising them.”

ronarad2 ronarad3 ronarad4

via Wallpaper

Images courtesy of Ron Arad Associates.

Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director