DORODESIGN LIKES: TEAMS Designs New ZLX Line for Electro-Voice


TEAMS has designed the new ZLX line of portable powered loudspeakers for Electro-Voice. The ZLX line is combining EV’s long-standing pro-audio engineering expertise with a very bold new look and user-friendly features.

TEAMS Design updated Electro-Voice’s visual brand language with the ZLX line, marking the beginning of a new VBL for future EV products. The design team wanted to create a visually stimulating and modernized look to back up the brands reputation for pro-quality sound. This was accomplished through a durable enclosure resembling brick layered strength.

Electro_Voice_ZLX_Line_01_thumb Electro_Voice_ZLX_Line_02_thumb

A new solid metal badge replaced the previous logo, which conveys the products high quality. The ZLX’s angular silhouette emphasizes its strength and durability. Unique over mold hi/lo grip design and handle placement in multiple regions of the speakers offers multiple gripping options for effortless pole mounting and portability. Attention to detail from the diamond shaped rubber feet at the base to the reflective glint of the badge, ensure consumers would see the ZLX’s all around quality.


An optimal layout and graphic placement of the DSP user interface display was achieved through the designer’s collaboration with the EV engineering team. The patented split-baffle design offers superior driver alignment and enhanced sonic impact and intelligibility. Available in 12- and 15-inch two-way versions and ideal for use as either mains or monitors, ZLX was designed for musicians, DJs, and all performers looking for more performance from a portable powered loudspeaker.

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Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director