DORODESIGN LIKES: Writing on the wall


There’s nothing like creating art for your own home, but this London-born artist has taken this idea a step further.

Well, actually, several walls further. Shantell Martin has made it a project to cover the whole top floor a Brooklyn brownstone with her whimsical line drawings.

When she first moved in, her intention was to limit her drawings to parts of a wall in her room, but inch by inch her art spontaneously took over her office and laundry room walls.

Apparently, she draws on everything that comes her way, which explains her crazy fun refuge.

She’s even taken bottles she found on the street as canvas to display her freestyle drawings. I wonder if her mom ever let her paint on the walls when she was little.

She’s definitely getting away with it now. And I’m glad she is, since I’m really digging her style. Have a designful and relaxing week!

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via TheDesignerPad

Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director