DORODESIGN LIKES: Sphere Table by Hella Jongerius

Privacy in Public Spaces


With the latest table by Hella Jongerius for Vitra you can literally be in your own world. The Sphere Table is designed to be used in a busy public area, where you can now have some privacy while working.


‘We have re-thought the idea of work in a busy lounge area’, says Hella Jongerius. ‘The result is the Sphere Table, which provides a kind of shield from the busy surroundings, creating a sense of privacy in the open space.’ Not only more privacy, but also less distraction is the result of the shield design.


The idea of this table was born when Jongerius began working on a large restoration project: the redesign of the North Delegates Lounge of the United Nations headquarters in New York. As part of this restoration project, Jongerius and her team also introduced some new furniture for the lounge. These originally site-specific tables were then picked up by Vitra to be produced for a broader public.


Images courtesy Hella Jongerius.

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