DORODESIGN LIKES: Balthazar Champagne Bar by SPACE Copenhagen

Balancing Out Extremes

For the Hotel D’Angleterre in the centre of the Danish capital, SPACE Copenhagen realised a new bar, part of a complete renovation of the hotel. Situated in a popular location, the Balthazar Champagne Bar attracts both locals as well as travellers.

The tension this created by different people with different backgrounds and expectations was the primary inspiration for SPACE Copenhagen.
‘There has always been a certain mysterious and magic feel about hotel bars for us. There is something unpredictable about the mix of locals, travellers and hotel guests’,  the designers say. ‘Inspired by this atmosphere we chose to work with a broad palette of materials and soft colour tones to compose a cosy atmosphere and some intimate surroundings’.
SPACE also made sure the bar would suit the spirit of the Hotel D’Angleterre. ‘This results in a balance between light and dark, soft and hard, rustic and refined, elegant and dreamy, graphic and colourful’.

Starting with the structure of the bar, SPACE mirrored the rhythm that the columns of the façade created. With this they ‘aimed at creating a balanced and symmetrical structure.’ From there, the long, black bar became the centre point of the interior, and the smaller groups of small chairs surrounding it. ‘The venetian Barovier Chandeliers in glass above the entire scenery, act as huge champagne sculptured clouds that ties the space together’.

-x0q1021-sc-131438_fullAll pictures courtesy of SPACE Copenhagen.


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