DORODESIGN LIKES: Mita sneakers x Adidas Originals CP80S Mita

Joining the Sky Blue/White and Grey/Dark Blue takes on the classic adidas Originals CP80′s is this Black and Silver edition designed and exclusively released through Japan’s mita sneakers. Until recently, this silhouette stood on the sidelines while other looks from the Three Stripes took center stage, but with mita’s help this low-top soccer favorite is working its way back into the limelight and this silver accented model does plenty to help its cause. Finished with a set of black laces and a yellowed, distressed midsole, you can pick-up this mita sneakers x adidas Originals CP80s MITA now at mita sneakers online and at their store in Tokyo.

mita-sneakers-x-adidas-originals-cp80s-mita-black-silver-0 mita-sneakers-x-adidas-originals-cp80s-mita-black-silver-2-570x316 mita-sneakers-x-adidas-originals-cp80s-mita-black-silver-3-570x316 mita-sneakers-x-adidas-originals-cp80s-mita-black-silver-4-570x316 mita-sneakers-x-adidas-originals-cp80s-mita-black-silver-5-570x316

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