DORODESIGN LIKES: 3D figure printing photo booth in Japan

After seeing just how quickly the Formlabs Desktop 3D Printer hit its funding goal on Kickstarter, it’s quite obvious that consumers have a real interest in 3D printing, and the technology continues to move forward at an alarming rate.

Featured here is an innovation unlike anything we have ever witnessed in what is being called the world’s first 3D printing photo booth. Exactly as the name would suggest, you simply step into a normal photo booth like you would find at your local mall, and rather than printing tiny pictures of you, it will print out tiny 3D figures of yourself. The photo booth is located in Japan, and is currently running through the middle of January.

3D-Figure-Printing-Photo-Booth-in-Japan-1 3D-Figure-Printing-Photo-Booth-in-Japan-02 3D-Figure-Printing-Photo-Booth-in-Japan-2 3D-Figure-Printing-Photo-Booth-in-Japan-3 3D-Figure-Printing-Photo-Booth-in-Japan-4 3D-Figure-Printing-Photo-Booth-in-Japan-5

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