DORODESIGN LIKES: Light Your Life by Adrian Limani

Presevo, Serbia based photographer Adrian Limani creates images of miniature worlds inside of light bulbs. A tree. A young chick. The Statue of Liberty. Combining two or three photographs, Limani makes these objects appear to be encapsulated inside the transparent bulb.

The artist told the UK MailOnline, “I just took some shots of light bulbs, without any effects, just straight shots with the camera. Then I suddenly discovered that I really liked that kind of form. I will continue with the bulb ideas because I like being unique. To make a really great image it’s not easy, because you need to have a lot of ideas, a lot of imagination and it’s better to be an unique style of work that you share. My ideas or inspiration usually came from the music, movies, books, and the situation that I live every day… Always when I finish one of my works, I do two or three different versions of colours and I choose which one is better.

Holistic Design Studio in Torino