DORODESIGN Likes: Koren Chair release by Djordje Zivanovic

On November 2011 our top designer Djordje Zivanovic won SIEPA Competition, now his Koren Project is been released and it’s ready for  Salone del Mobile in Milan, zona Tortona  the Ex Ansaldo Building, (Spazio A-Face to SuperstudioPiu) First Floor, Sector C, April 12-17. Are you ready?

The main idea of the chair is in its simplicity of production itself, and thus fits a variety of spaces.

It Is actually an old tradition of making furniture with new lines – the form. Looking at the past to have a new chair is the main philosophy, as it says her name KOREN (root).

The chair has six main parts, and there are small parts which make sealants and form a chair.

At the top of the backrest behind there are parts for hanging jackets, bags – an analysis of people who sit on a chair immediately behind the chairs hanging things, in this way makes it easier to hanging things. Material that was used for the chair was beech. (via

Holistic Design Studio in Torino