DORODESIGN Likes: Devon Tread Watch

DEVON WORKS, is a design lab instead. Based in both New York and Los Angeles, Devon first explored design possibilities on his concept vehicle, Devon GTX Super Car. Liken to attention deficiency disorder but in the most positive aspect, Devon soon found himself creating a line of high end denim collection with an enviable celebrity clientele following from Scarlett Johansson to Jamie King and Rashida Jones. In between projects, the designer was able to to formulate the concepts for Tread 1, his first signature timepiece.

 DEVON WORKS Tread 1 is a class in its own with a patented movement called Time Belts. Driven by 4 micro motors, the corresponding belts and a lubricant-free pulley system all give Tread 1 a unique display of criss-crossing numerals. A microprocessor on board, powered by a lithium polymer battery, ensures the accuracy of time All encased in a stainless steel construct with layers of sapphire crystals and polycabonate composite for utmost durability. Yet, the watch’s intricacy is on full view thanks largely to the skeletonized casing. Because on complex nature and is crafted by hand in California, the DEVON Tread 1 is currently available only at select watch dealers around the world or directly through DEVON‘s website. (via Freshnessmag).


Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director