DORODESIGN Likes: CIRKUITA Jewellery by Paola Mirai

Paola Mirai was an Art Director in Milan, her new collection of jewellery landed on (we found it there) CIRKUITA speaks through the technology, that’s why we love it.

She says: ” For 23 years I worked as an Art Director in Milan before I decided to start up my own research of a new trasparent and super-light material for jewelry – OROTRASPARENTE.
With my new collection “Cirkuita” old technological junk becomes alive creating new icons of information era from discarded components.
From mythology to archaic poetry, from western sensibility to eastern one: OROTRASPARENTE and Cirkuita came from a deep study of arcaic symbologies of all cultures started many years ago.
Each junk component can finally be appreciated also for its aestethical value, usually hidden and neglected. One-off artworks strictly handmade.”
“From a male sunset, a new female dawn that vibrates with electrical memories. Eradicated from they electrical nest, these metallic synapses come into a new material of light, as beating icons of the information age”. SHOP & MORE:

Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director