TITAN Air Mobility HEXI

Introducing Titan Air Mobility

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Titan Air Mobility, an EVTOL lineup designed by DORODESIGN®, a game-changer in regional air cargo and mobility networks for Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East (EMEA) region, with a special focus on putting Africa first.

Titan’s mission is to build “railways” in the sky, reaching everyone, everywhere! How are we achieving this? By harnessing the power of hybrid and electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (heVTOL) aircraft capabilities, we are breaking through traditional infrastructure limitations and revolutionizing transportation and regional mobility.


To design a two seater eVTOL for African and Middle east countries.

The team

Meet the
professional team.

Design & Art Direction

— Dario Olivero

— Fahim Hossain


— Nicola Gadolini
Visual Artist

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