My BAM Banking platform

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    Banca Alpi Marittime

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Digitalisation of standard banking process

The first goal was to digitalise the banking process and allow users to complete basic tasks such as viewing their balance and bank records, speeding up their services allowing users to make an appointment or book and pick up a credit card. Digitalisation was a necessary precondition for a successful implementation of the next features.

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About the client


Banca Alpi Marittime is a locally well-established bank in the countryside near Turin, Italy. They count over 13000 active members, and they have a great history in the territory. They asked the DORODESIGN team to digitalise most of their banking process and design their online banking platform. Furthermore, they asked us to create UI with social features to connect members and help small businesses and enterprises to grow.



The My Bam platform has an exclusive integrated social network for customers and company and associated.

The feature of the integrated social networks arises from the need to connect companies and customers of the bank. In this way, companies will be able to publish posts, feedback and exclusive offers for the customers of the bank.

Customers will be able to follow their favourite businesses, find the closest one and share their contents.

The bank can directly communicate its services, events, offer and contents.

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