Melolab Moodbud


Melolab Moodbud have outstanding performance, letting users enjoy the wonderful music, also has a wonderful physical appearance.

Melolab looks dainty, but the more important thing is that it is flexible because it is colourful, magnificent and stylized.        Melolab can change its physical appearance with our daily mood.

DORODESIGN® has developed the earphone for MeloLab Chinese start-up in Shenzhen from the Chuckong group.


To combine the music with fashion elements, to create pleasure-giving headset product with personality.

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    Melo Lab Chukong


What makes people happy?

A shiny diamond, a wild daydream, a lollipop of rainbow-colour, or the song you hear when you share an earphone with your first lover.
Melolab earbuds are inspired by these things that make people happy, from pearls to gems, from candies to crayons.

And, of course, the wonderful music that is essential to our lives.

Melolab is Binaural Wireless Bluetooth headsets, combining Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, with dainty physical appearance, and a bit of humour in the colour.
Also, with high quality of sound and stunning looks.

The weight of a single Melolab earbud is just 4 grams. There is no extra burden on the ears and it will not be easily thrown away. We find a good balance between weight and texture. Just Good Arc, Not Just Good Comfort

In pursuit of the best wear experience, DORODESIGN has gone through more than 30 sample attempts of iterative improvement and five major contour adjustments.

This is the birth of Melolab, with its currently perfect combination of shape, texture and colours with the ergonomic structure, making the earbuds are extremely comfortable to wear.

Earphones or earrings, as dainty as jewellery.
Together with the box, the size of Melolab earphones is only 50mm*50mm*32mm, so you can easily hold it in your hand and carry it outside.

What we do

Creating Your Unique Earphone

There are a total of 7 colours of Melolab earphones. It is one of the most colour matching Bluetooth earphones on the Chinese market.

Seven isn’t enough? If you’re tired of the same old earbuds, please try to customize your own Melolab. Left ear, right ear, and headphone box, you can choose a single colour of these equipment, freedom and style, starting with the unique Melolab bar.


The MeloLab Magic

DORODESIGN has been the creative force behind Melo taking inspiration from human behaviour, the relationships with one another and with the natural materials that are all around us.

DORODESIGN wanted to design earbuds that really expressed a sense of fashion and style, a ‘wearable’ in the truest sense. An earbud that is an expression of individual personality, taste and flair.

DORODESIGN was on a mission to create earbuds that reflect not only the sound in your ears but also the music in your heart!

DORODESIGN set out to create a little treat for all the senses. A work of art. A small pack of happiness. The team was inspired by a wide spectrum of joyful objects, from pearls to gemstones, from candy to crayons. And of course, the music, rhythms and beats of the world around us.


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