Banco Azzoaglio Moderni per Tradizione

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction, Web Design

  • Development

    Web Site & CMS

  • Copywriting

    ADV and Social Media

  • Photoshooting

    Locations and personnel

  • Social Media Management

    Instagram & Facebook


Telling the historic Banco through the authentic stories of the territory and the people who make it great.

Brand Strategy and revamping the identity of the family own bank.

Creating an identity to breathe new life into a brand with a history of over 100 years.
Keep the historical colour in a new digital version together with a logo that incorporates the milestones of the previous one.

Create a logo worthy of the status of the “Banco”.

Before After
What we do

Creating a unique visual system and strategy.

Create a website that can be intuitive for all ages. Enriched with responsive elements to be usable by all platforms and devices, with a search for geo-localized bank offices.


A Family Bank

A self-respecting brand needs a professional shooting with an “epic” look. The storytelling of the shots humanizes the figure of the bank man who is often seen cold and far away.

Simone Azzoaglio
Erica Azzoaglio
Francesco Azzoaglio
Built a new UI/UX

A new visual identity.

Social campaigns designed to create a digital user base that can be added to the current bank. Warm storytelling of “the bank of the people” to underline the concept of humanity and simplicity of the people behind the bank.

Combining the tradition with the technology,
Modern by Tradition.

Website & Social Media




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