DORODESIGN likes: Malene Birger’s Mallorca Retreat


When it comes to her clothing line, Malene Birger is known for her elegant craftsmanship and simple silhouettes, while her flagship Copenhagen boutique has been applauded for its concept and design. So it comes as no surprise that this Danish designer’s home is nothing short of magnificent. The renovated two story farmhouse sits comfortably in the valley of S’Arracó, in south-west Mallorca. Malene renovated in 2011 and imparted her particularly sophisticated touch on the home. Similar to her fashion designs, her home features feminine, classic elements, united with sharp and modern features. The refined black and white motifs blend effortlessly with the homey touches, eclectic accessories and earthy materials. Though we’re not sure how anyone could give up the lavender lined walkway leading to the salt water pool and outdoor terraces, the cozy home is actually up for sale.

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Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director