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Image ©  iñigo bujedo aguirre

Barcelona-based photographer  Iñigo Bujedo Aguirre has shared images of the new ‘DHUB Design Museum’ in Barcelona by local firm MBM Arquitectes.  the two main points of entry to the new cultural complex are the busy main street Carrer d’àvila and the Plaça de les glòries, the public plaza home to the jean nouvel-designed Torre Agbar.


The rounded cylindrical form finds is now proximal to the parallelepiped form of the MBM arquitectes-designed cultural hub. while the museum program will focus on four design disciplines- space, product, information and fashion- the interiors boast both flexible and neutral exhibit spaces throughout the 25000 square meter total floor area. The architecture makes use of the nearby plaza’s urban
development by dividing the building into two main connective areas across a stepped elevation.


The subterranean level serves as the main exhibition hall, public library, bar, restaurant and administrative areas, all well lit by a system of  trenches and skylights and well in dialogue with the expansive waterfront feature. In an effort to continue the language of accessible public space and pointed use of sustainable techniques, the dynamic volume of the structure cantilevers over the width of the main road so as to minimize the building footprint and maximize opportunities for green areas; a composition of circulation connects the semi-public upper level with the basement programming.


The intended level of public interaction is further articulated by the carpet of greenery and bright pavement graphics. An industrial material palette was employed with the sole use of slate-colored zinc cladding, artfully interjected with geometric ribbons of glazing.

The building will be officially inaugurated in fall 2013 and is expected to fully open it’s doors by spring 2014 after the myriad collections are moved.






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Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
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