DORODESIGN LIKES: Zaha Hadid wins competition to design Riyadh Metro Station, Saudi Arabia


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Zaha Hadid wins competition to design Riyadh Metro Station, Saudi Arabia
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Zaha Hadid’s winning entry for one of the riyadh metro stations sports a lattice-like undulating skin –a sequence of opposing sine-waves– and will purportedly enclose a stop at the intersection of the high street/ batha line and the Abdul Rahman Bin Auf/ Sheik Hassan Bin Hussein line.

The in-progress rapid transit system is part of major redevelopment bordering the King Abdullah financial district, itself a burgeoning area in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Serving as key interchange for the new Riyadh metro network for line 1, as well as the terminus of line 4 (for those traveling to the airport) and line 6, the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) metro line will have six platforms, over four public floors, and house two levels of underground parking. connectivity diagrams and traffic maps have been analyzed and circulation paths have been optimized for optimal pedestrian flow. these paths of movement helped dictate the configuration of the three-dimensional lattice with rhythmic sculpted curves.
Themselves generated from the frequency variation of daily traffic flows. The architecture makes manifest the very forces it is set to mediate.


The urban fabric is set to become a prime area for distinct architectural projects with Norwegian firm Snohetta and German firm Gerber architekten slated to complete two other metro stations along the same six-line, 174 km long public transport spine. construction will reportedly begin this summer and complete by 2017.




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Dario Olivero
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