Some bright telephone operator in São Paulo, Brazil decided to commission 100 artists to paint 100 public phone booths some time back.
It helps that the booths look like oversized helmets to begin with.

Woman talks on public telephone booth painted by artist Nascimento during Call Parade art exhibition in Sao Paulo

Woman talks on phone booth street art painted by Brazilian artist Patricia Nascimento for Call Parade 

Mobile communications bring us one of the most common forms of communication, at least in the past  call box – here is the creative phone booths. Even here, however, the art is used due to the creation of unique telephone booths. Lately, people primarily used their iPod or GSM, but these forms of the artworks could at least for a short period of time to make people use the local phone booths again, mostly for fun. Part of the telephone booths which we show you are part of the permanent project “Call Parade”, sponsored by the Brazilian phone company Vivo. In the project there are involved 100 talented artists who create unique artworks in the form of creative telephone booths. The photographers Mariane Borgomani and Wally Gobetz capture these artworks created in Brazil.



Creative phone booth like human brain

This phone booth is quite eccentric, it is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it is in the form of human brain. Probably this booth would be liked by some of the fans of the Gothic. It is the part of the project “Call Parade” for creative phone booths.


Phone booth disko ball

If you like disco and you feel like dancing in the street there is a creative phone booth just for you. It is a part of the “Call Parade” creative telephone booths.


Green art phone booth with pencil

This booth is for those who like to draw or scribble with a pencil, or just take notes with this ancient device . This artwork is also part from the project “Call Parade” in Sao Paulo.


If you want to withdraw for a few moments from the stressful noisy city in the province, you can use the booth which is painted with pastoral landscapes for you. And this one is in Brazil.

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