DORODESIGN LIKES: LEGO footstep bridge by Michael Jantzen


You probably know by now how much we love Legos.For kids, adults, and kidults of all ages, the Lego is not only a building block to facilitate creativity, but a tool to enhance our sense of play. Recently, we have reported on adults making lego dining tables, a footbridge painted to look like a lego bridge, and now we bring you Michael Jantzen’s architectural application of the genius Lego block. His proposed bridge is meant to be a new kind of public walkway, seen here in photos of the model, as well as superimposed on a would-be site. How cool would it be to see in real life?

footstep-bridge-michael-jantzen-2-600x584 Jantzen_Footbridge2-600x384 Jantzen_Footbridge3-600x739 Jantzen_Footbridge-600x359

Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director