DORODESIGN LIKES: Conceptual Photography by Christian Åslund for Jim Rickey


These clever images are the work of Stockholm-based photographer Christian Åslund. Åslund recently shot and art-directed an ad campaign for Swedish shoe brand Jim Rickey. He utilised conceptual photography that pays tribute to old-shool 2D platform games. Model were photographed from great heights with a tele lens using the streets of Hong Kong as a dramatic backdrop. The result is an ad campaign which creates an illusion of people appearing as a 2D flat image. Such a cunning stunt. More on Åslund’s website.

Looking at these photos makes me feel nostalgic for  those “cutting edge” computer games on my Commodore 64. The good old days of loading games with a tape drive. Life was so much slower and simpler back then

Conceptual-Photography-by-Christian-Aslund-for-Jim-Rickey-yellowtrace-01 Conceptual-Photography-by-Christian-Aslund-for-Jim-Rickey-yellowtrace-02 Conceptual-Photography-by-Christian-Aslund-for-Jim-Rickey-yellowtrace-04 Conceptual-Photography-by-Christian-Aslund-for-Jim-Rickey-yellowtrace-05 Conceptual-Photography-by-Christian-Aslund-for-Jim-Rickey-yellowtrace-06 Conceptual-Photography-by-Christian-Aslund-for-Jim-Rickey-yellowtrace-07


[Images courtesy of Christian Åslund, via Colossal]
Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director