DORODESIGN LIKES: Office by Pinkeye Crossover Design Studio


Office Space Combines Quirky and Casual

Pinkeye Crossover Design Studios in Antwerp have given their offices a makeover, with eclectic meetings rooms, wood-panelled walls, and what could easily double as the hippest bar in your neighbourhood (it’s their lunch room.)

The main feature is a wall of diagonal wood panels that divides the 600-sq-m space. Arched cut-outs reveal conference and meeting rooms ranging from the cosy to the bold, outfitted alternately in vintage furniture, white quilted wainscoting, colourful rugs and shimmering gold wallpaper.

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A lengthy communal work table running down the middle of the office serves as the main workspace, lit by hoop-shaped lighting. And the lunch room offers more appeal – a gold-topped bar and mirrored shelves for displaying after-work drinks. For the working hours, a long table is set against a black and green tiled kitchenette and hanging basket lights.


From the hallway, something else might catch your eye – a metal sign reading:  ‘You Work Harder’ –  if you’re not admiring the scenery, that is.

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Images by Frederik Vercruysse.

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Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director