DORODESIGN LIKES: Two Guys Wooden Bow Ties


Wood makes a lot of things look better. Homes and the furniture that fills homes have been made from wood for as far back as any of us can remember. It’s about time someone took the initiative to incorporate wood’s grains and natural good looks into a collection of ties. Two Guys Bow Ties is the one and only maker of wooden bow ties, not to mention ones made from the highest quality hard to fine hardwoods as well as the best fabrics and leathers. They have quite a collection to chose from.


Whether you’re looking for a way to stand out at your next formal event or simply too lazy to learn how to properly dress yourself, that’s a terrific new solution   These very stylish bow ties are available in a wide variety of styles, and are handcrafted from exotic woods, specialty leathers, and high-quality fabrics. Best of all, no fancy bow tying skills are necessary.
wooden-bow-ties-3 wooden-bow-ties-5

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