DORODESIGN Likes: KILLSPENCER Real Wood Veils – For Apple IPhone 4

The KILLSPENCER iPhone 4 Veil collection presents a set of beautiful, locally produced West American Zebrawood covers that easily gives your device a nice, sleek look without any of the bulk. While not a case, the Real Wood veils add a great looking layer of protection to the back of your iPhone using a special industrial adhesive that is easily removed when you move on to the next release from Apple. Each veil is made of locally sourced natural wood veneer and is handcrafted in Los Angeles in one of three different colors, Black Birdseye Maple, Zebrawood Maple and Macassar Ebony. The veils, which are the brainchild of  Spencer Nikosey, are each made to order and are embossed with the KILLSPENCER logo.

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DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director