DORODESIGN Supports Citizenship for Torino 2020 project by IED Torino, VOTE FOR SUPPORT!

Today we suggest some projects linked to the workshop headed by Cesar Mendoza, IED Turin Director, and Dario Olivero co-coordinator and professor for Mexico Design Net, these innovative ideas need your vote and support! So take your time to take a look at these concepts of future and give five stars to our talented guys HERE !

The Concept:

Aims to provide new ideas to renew the city in all the aspects.  New infrastructure  to welcome new turist and students to make Turin a moder city of art and culture. New green areas to create a environmental park in the city centre to refresh the life of the citizen. All this new aspects we need to care about the emotions and feelings of the people introducing new space to allow you to have time  for your self: a mixture of  technology and wellness. Last but not least the personal city guide to appreciate the new Turinese lifestyle with an extra human touch.

Citizenship for Turin 2020.

IED Turin


Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director