DORODESIGN Likes: Casio G-Shock July 2011

After several season of often muted conceptions, colors are back in a big way, as seen on upcoming editions of sneakers, apparels, and accessories like Casio G-Shock timepieces. Its July 2011 Collection will include 3 different series on tried models like DW-6900 and the GW-3000 models. First up, the MAT Series. Each DW-6900 pre-treated with pastel hues then toned down with a layer of matte coating. A look that pops yet still subtle. Next is the GA-120 models, a new variant to the very, very popular GA-100 but now with a bolder dial face design. Finally, there is the GW-3000 models. Part of the Sky Cockpit Series, G-Shock’s version of the aeronautic friendly chronograph, both GW-3000 and GW-3500 are lavished with Tough MVT, the almost indestructible movement developed by Casio. In conjunction with MULTI-BAND 6 atomic clock transmitter and a Tough Solar dial face, these watches ensure you will never reenact an episode of Lost in real life. (via Freshnessmag).

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