DORODESIGN Likes: Issey Miyake VUE Watch by Yves Behar

The VUE watch was designed by Yves Behar for Japanese fashion brand Issey Miyake. Unlike most of the watches we see from Japan (like the ones from Tokyoflash), it’s really easy to tell the time on this one. When it’s the appropriate time, a moving layer allows you to see the right time, while the previous time gradually fades away.The VUE watch has a glass lens, which is quite thick and gives it a substantial profile. It’s available in white, black and stainless steel at the Dezeen watch store from £267 (appx. $443 USD)  to £309 ($512 USD). It’s significantly cheaper outside the EU and the UK since you don’t have to pay VAT. (Via Dezeen).

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