DORO Likes: Apple IPad 2 Smart Covers

Needless to say, Apple is by far the most prolific company when it comes to electronic designs and form factors the consumers easily identify with. This is not true when it comes to Apple’s attempts in accessories and peripherals (Remember the “socks” for your iPod? Or the bumper case for the iPhone 4?) Seeing an opportunity for redemption in the iPad 2, designers at Apple flexed their creativity a bit. The outcome is the Smart Cover for Apple iPad 2. Rather than an afterthought, development of the Smart Covers took place side-by-side with iPad 2. There are no hinges. Instead, magnets on the cover and the device provide attachment. Because of this method, Smart Cover automatically aligns itself with screen, every time and all the time. That “perfect fit” serves 2 other purposes: It enacts awake/sleep functions when Smart Cover closes/opens. The microfiber lining automatically cleans the screen when closes or opens as well. Roll up the Smart Cover and it transforms to a pivot point for ease of typing or a stand for viewing movies. To available in 5 colorful polyurethane covers and 5 luxurious colors in leather, the Smart Covers for Apple iPad 2 will launch on March 11th too.

Release Date: March 11th (Friday)

Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director