DORO Likes: Nash Money X Intercity X Nike Air Force 1 – Sneaker Speakers

Recall science lessons learned during elementary school, that the vibration of air create sound? UK’s Intercity (publisher of Art & Sole) and customizer Alex Nash, popularly known as Nash Money, materialized that notion into their Sneaker Speakers customs. A promo for Havana Club’s Inspired Ingenuity Competition, where creative types are asked to formulate something unique out of everyday objects, Nash Money instantaneous mentioned his Sneaker Speakers concept when Intercity approached him.  A few cutaways here, several trims there, and an one of the kind speaker set based on a simple all white Air Force 1 was born.  It might not push the realm of high fidelity as with its UK peers from Bowers & Wilkins, it certainly will transform how you perceive your kicks next time you’re on the dance floor. via Art & Sole

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