DORO Likes: Smart ForSpeed Zero Emission Concept

Vehicular aggression has no place with electric vehicles?  Guess again.  Stemmed from the cockpit windscreen of classic propeller driven airplanes, the engineers at smart devised the smartForSpeed, a zero emission concept vehicle.  There is no roof and just a sliver of glass (doubles as solar charger) for window, all to suit the notion of having the rush of air and sense of speed passing by you. It isn’t all for that brief sensation or the appearance of it either. With acceleration from 0 to 62 mph clocked at 5.5 seconds, not to mention a The Fast & The Furious like turbo boost button on the centre console for an additional 5 kW of power, this little car can dust any most of its competitors out there, gas-driven ones too.  A single full charge at any conventional 220-volt provides a driving distance of 135 kilometers or 83 miles. The vehicle can reach 80% charge rate in just 45 minutes.


On appearance, designers took liberty to add several familiar design cues from the smart EScooter Concept announced last September.  This includes a smartly devised integration of Apple iPhone as the car’s navigational device. One other is the elaborate usage of LED lighting, as ambience lights, instrument cluster, plus as the essential headlights and brake lights on the exterior. To appeal those with sporty lifestyle, shaped one piece leather seats and aerospace inspired console juxtapose both simplicity and luxury.

As part of the smart contingency, the smart ForSpeed Concept will make its debut during next month’s Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland.

Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director