DORO Likes: Incase – Alloy Collection

Yesterday, we highlighted the cycling-specific Courier Collection from Incase; now, another collection the bagmaker is introducing for 2011: the Alloy Collection. The Courier Collection aims for maximum durability and functionality, and many of those same features are present in the Alloy Collection. But this is a line that clearly defined by dynamic surfaces, which exhibit a unique tactile and visual appeal. The line encompasses many of the most popular bags and cases from the Incase lineup, including a full-size pack, several mid-size packs, a daypack, a messenger bag, and laptop cases for 13″ and 15″ computers. Again, a truly functional collection, fully featured with all of the compression and stabilization straps, and interior dividers and pockets – but these bags match up against high-style packs as done by Raf Simons for Eastpak collection. The Alloy Collection will be available soon from Incase; check out the whole range after the jump.

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DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director