DORO Likes: Custom 3D Printed iPad Cases by Freedom of Creation

We’ve already talked about FOC and Brian Garret on the 3D custom headphones post, this time we want to show you their last project in collaboration with iPad and Kickstarter. Not only are all products in this range of iPad cases produced with 3D printing, they can be customized in 3D by their owner with for example text, logo’s, name’s or icons, each and every product will be a one-off piece.

A goal of $ 20,000 has been set, aiming to kickstart an online tool for customizing 3D printed design products, starting with a range of – exclusive to kickstarter – iPad cases.  Using the kickstarter platform people can support the initiative in return for some of the worlds first custom 3D printed designs products. And..they’re showing at Helsinki Museum too! With their $7 pledges case… Keep the project alive!

Look at the DORO iPad Case, stylish enough?

Follow the project page at this link:

Dario Olivero
Dario Olivero
DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director