DORO Likes: Birgit Jurgenssen Polaroid collection @ Artissima 2010

Press Day at Artissima 17 in Turin. Photography freaks will love the work of a talented woman named Birgit Jurgenssen. She was born in 1949 and studied at University of Applied and Fine Arts in Vienna. At Artissima Fair there’s a collection of her polaroids from 1978 to 1979 in which she explores the human body, shapes of water, death and beauty. All her work is stunning though: the black and white section, the cyanotypie and rayogram sperimentation and the ironic feminist point of view (look at Housewife’s Kitchen Apron photo). All the things you have tried to do with a Polaroid she has done before… in the seventies. That’s envy, and admiration of course. Jurgenssen died in 2003, meet her vision at Artissima until November 7th.

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