DORO Likes: Lusail Iconic Stadium for Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

foster + partners have unveiled plans for the Lusail Iconic Stadium.

the venue for qatar’s 2022 world cup bid. it  will provide a world-class football facility for 86,250 spectators during the opening ceremony, group games and final. Reflecting doha’s culture and heritage, the stadium is designed to be highly energy efficient and capable of performing in extreme summer climatic conditions.
The stadium has a near-circular footprint and sits on the masterplan’s primary axis, which divides the stadium precinct into two halves. encircled by a reflective pool of water, spectators cross the ‘moat’ to enter the building via six bridges. An outer pedestrian concourse extends from the water towards an array of smaller amenity buildings and a hotel at the stadium’s perimeter. (

DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director