DORO Likes: Adidas Originals X Sennheiser Headphones

Some have said that soccer brings the world together, but we would like to go on a whim and venture that music, is what brings the world together. Whether one is rebellious for rock, busting a move for the love of hip-hop or smooving out to the blues, we all have a need for tunes, and constant quest for a better delivery of that sound. Drawing together originality and an appreciation for sonic creativity, adidas Originals had expanded upon its lifestyle segment and has been working with audio virtuoso, Sennheiser since 2009. And, the duo had released the HD-25-1-II earlier in 2010. This month, the partnership continues with the release of two new headphones, the HD220 closed back and the CX310ear buds.

The HD 218 and CX300 are based on the Sennheiser’s existing HD218 and CX300 models, but given the Originals blue spin. While both models offer crystal clarity and dynamic sound, the HD218 is geared for those with a taste for bass, and comfort, and the CX300 offers excellent noise cancellation for an ambient delivery.

In terms of style, the first two collaborations had been dressed entirely in black with Originals blue accents and three-stripes, but this time around, things get a little more graphic with the Trefoil. The earpieces are now drenched in Originals blue, with white accents on the headband, wiring and Trefoil, and both headphones come housed in special adidas Originals carrying pouch and packaging matching the aesthetics of the headphones.

So incorporate a little more stripes and a little more Trefoil into your sonic life, and get rid of the white headphones everyone has as these hit adidas Originals stores across the globe as well as online at adidas at the end of the month.




DORODESIGN CEO & Design Director